How To Do Keyword Research For Lawyers?


SEO services for attorneys require a special approach.

If you are a lawyer, you need to consider three main points when you choose keywords for your campaign:

They must have high traffic potential (search numbers Google is giving are not relevant), high click potential (keywords can have high search volume but low click potential), and, if possible, low competition.

Relevant keywords for legal marketing (whether for video marketing or just SEO for law firms) can be divided into different categories.

Some have high search volume and a high traffic potential, but too much competition. Targeting these kind of keywords is often wasted time or money.

Then there are some keywords with high search volume and low competition, but no or few traffic potential. It makes no sense to build content around them.

We Are Experts In Finding The Right Keywords!

The third category of keywords have no or few competition. These are the most profitable ones because almost no one is targeting them due to their low, maybe even very low search volume.

The “secret” behind them is, that Google is ranking your page you built around such keywords also for other related keywords. Sometimes there are hundreds, even thousands of related keywords whose potential could be yours.

If you consider that each of them have 3, 5 or 10 searches per month, than you should be able to understand why they are among the most profitable ones.

This category is a “Hidden Gem” that almost nobody is targeting and thus remains as a treasure waiting to be discovered.
Our keyword research aims to find the most relevant and profitable keywords regardless of the search volume.

If a keyword is a potential high traffic bomb we target it. We can build pages around all kind of relevant keywords. Consider to have pages around hundred or more such keywords.


How To Do Keyword Research For YouTube The Right Way?

On the other hand, keyword research for videos is a totally different area. Probably most of law firm SEO experts and even SEO tools have a wrong approach when it comes to find profitable YouTube keywords with low competition for legal marketing.

They make suggestions based on “Keyword metrics & criteria” that are applicable for Google, but not for YouTube. Contact us for more information!