Local SEO For Lawyers

The importance of local SEO for lawyers is obvious.

Google’s local 3-pack is well known. It provides the highest possible visibility for local companies, therefore, it’s extremely valuable, but very competitive as well.

The secret behind ranking websites in the 3-pack is a little bit confusing and difficult. But not for us.

The very first step to get into the local 3-pack is to setup a Google My Business listing. It’s free. To verify your information Google will send you a postcard with a special code.

We rank your website on P1 of Google by taking care of setting up a Google My Business listing for your business and building strong backlinks from high authority sites. If there are any issues with your NAP (name, address, phone number), we fix them all.

Your site needs to stick on the first page for a certain time. In this way, it has great chance to get into the local pack. We can recognize the importance of the local 3-pack from the fact that if someone searches for a local keyword, Google shows the local pack results on the top of the page.

Meanwhile, 35% of competitive local keywords have local pack ads according to a new research from MOZ.

Another important point is choosing the right category. Even some local SEO experts recommend to choose the most appropriate category for your firm for some reasons. This needs to be explained.

If you have two different categories, it’s quite possible that you choose that category which will have negative impacts on your rankings in the 3-pack. There is a little secret behind this. Contact us for more information.


Importance of Building Citations

A main part of local SEO is building citations. These are “mentions” of your business “name”, “address” and “phone number” (NAP).

Citations are an important ranking factor in local SEO.
There are two types of citations relevant to lawyers: Structured citations: these are citations you will find in online directories like Yelp, Lawyers.com, Avvo etc.

Unstructured citations: these are the type of citations found on other web sources than the online directories. For example on government and media websites, or even blogs etc. They can appear in different formats.

It is very important that your (NAP) is consistent in all your listings. Otherwise Google gets confused, which in turn effects your rankings negatively. For example¬†your address should be entered exactly as Google displays it, i.e. if Google shows TX for Texas, but you entered “Texas”, this is inconsistency. You also have to use the abbreviation.

Therefore it is crucial to fix all issues related to your citations. This is a task we can do easily for you.

Take advantage of one of the best SEO services for attorneys you can get. As you’ll pay for results, it’s impossible that you lose money.