Marketing For Law Firms

Marketing for law firms is one of the toughest fields in SEO and online marketing due to overcrowding in the legal marketplace.

Your website is your virtual office and you hope that visitors find it. In this way you aim to get more clients, right?

The question is: Why should people come to your website?

The correct answer is, they have almost no reason to visit YOUR SITE because your website needs to appear in front of them.

As long as you don’t do SEO, you can wait years in hope to see your site appearing in the first hundred results, let alone on the first page of Google.

But what if your website is on Google’s first page and you get visitors but still don’t get any clients or very few? This is clearly a sign that something is wrong with your On-Site SEO and legal marketing strategy.

An even bigger problem for you is if you have already tried several times to change this condition but were not successful.

Whether by yourself or through an agency, it doesn’t matter.

What I’m trying to say is, your website is worth nothing if you don’t get clients, even if it is on the first page of Google. It’s really WORTH NOTHING.

Could it be that you have already tried the following steps but failed:

  1. you made videos about your business and shared them on YouTube and Facebook
  2. you hired an SEO agency to get help
  3. you started paid ads on Google, YouTube, maybe even on Facebook, but all that did not help?

Let’s face the truth.

Every single idea and method you’ve implemented was done wrong.

If you insist on the strategy that you have used so far, you probably will fail again and again.

So, what can you do?

Simple! Do everything you have done again!


Let me explain in short how to do it.

How To Market Your Law Firm?

The required steps to take are:

  1. Ensure that your website is SEO compatible.
  2. Get social media accounts from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  3. Run regular content marketing. Consider that promotion has more effects than production without promotion. That means, if you concentrate on producing more than you could promote, it makes no sense or at least, you could not achieve maximum results by doing so.
  4. Share your content on social media, especially on Facebook and YouTube.
  5. Don’t rely only on SEO, instead share your content on social media. It’s very effective. If you need help I show you how to do it properly.
  6. And last but not least, produce videos around hot legal topics in your field. Additionally, Produce videos about trials where you have been successful. Show the details what the case was and what you have done! You can only show in this way, that you are an expert in your field.
  7. Sharing of your content is the half of the way. If you are unable to reach many people, your content cannot help you.


People want solutions! Read the short description about interruption marketing and attraction marketing on our homepage.

There are probably thousands of lawyers and attorneys doing the same.

What could it be that differentiates you from the others?

I think you have heard the saying “America has already been discovered”. You don’t need to look for a new way to America.

The proven way to increase leads and get more clients is “giving useful and complete information about legal issues for free”.

By providing free educational content, you present yourself as an expert and people recognize you as such, but the information they get, is practically not applicable for usually citizens.

You can give someone all the information he needs about his legal problems or questions, nevertheless, he will need to hire a lawyer. That’s where you come into play.

As they will have got all the information from you, they most likely will contact YOU for further steps.

For example you can make videos for your law firm based on frequently asked questions.

Asking your assistants can give you more ideas.

Turn those questions and ideas into FAQ videos. Maybe you can establish a Q & A channel for legal issues or something like that.

Of course it makes no sense to talk about topics that nobody finds interesting.

Let me explain further.


Video Marketing For Law Firms Needs A Proper Approach

You may have observed that many lawyers and attorneys have videos on YouTube that have very few views. Some have 1, others have 20 or 100. 

If the lawyer videos got those click rates within a few days or weeks, nobody would say anything.

But these clicks are the result of several years.

Here is a screenshot of such a video:


Below is a screenshot of a law firm. It shows videos they shared on YouTube:

lawyers video marketing

Look at the duration of the videos. All of them are around 1 minute and 20 seconds. Some have been published 4 years ago and the others 8 years ago.

The number of clicks they received is not even weak.

I deliberately say clicks and not views as I don’t believe that people have watched them till the end.

You can see what is to expect in watching them.

The faces, the places and some additional information about the history of the company or the lawyer.

Put yourself in the position of people looking for answers to their questions regarding their legal problems.

Do you think you would watch such videos if you were someone looking for solutions for your legal issues and answers to your questions?

And if so, would you feel confident that this lawyer is an expert whom you can trust?

I don’t think so!

Just looking like Frank Sinatra or Rock Hudson or showing how you discuss an issue with your team does not give me any confidence.

Videos aiming brand exposure are something for Facebook ads but not for Youtube. 

If I’m searching for specific information (what most of YouTube visitors do) and I come across a video where the lawyer is talking about his biography and shows me his team etc. I would immediately click the video away.

It is so illogical, but that many lawyers don’t see or don’t want to realize it, is unbelievable. They spend money and time for proven useless stuff.

Here you can see further videos of such kind I’m talking about:

So let’s discuss what to do in order to get more views and calls?

I already mentioned the main points earlier at the top of this article. What else could you do?

Marketing For Law Firms – How To Do It The Right Way?

At first, we know and you know that the aim is to get new clients. As long as you get new clicks to your video, most likely you’ll get new clients as well, provided you can satisfy your audience.

Then you can expect to get calls and leads.

There are topics that are relevant for only a few people.

If you had those people on your channel watching that video where you deliver them solutions to their legal problems, they most likely will contact you. Or think about Facebook ads. If your target audience are people who suffered from medical errors but don’t know that they are entitled to compensation, you have a big chance to convince them with your ad.

The more calls you get, the more your chances increase to convert them to clients.

Google, YouTube and Facebook are the biggest sources for free information about anything you are searching for.

We publish and share content about you in high authority sites. In this way you get a traffic push in a short time. This is the Google part of the program.

The YouTube market for lawyers is pretty empty for those doing their presentations and campaigns the right way, it’s huge.

Fact is, YouTube gives you the opportunity to reach thousands and thousands of people in a very short time.

YouTube is the second largest search engine where people are making targeted searches.

You can find YouTube keywords that have more than 9 or 10 words lined up. This is an incredible search opportunity that people and even professionals disregard.

There are even topics that have a higher search volume on YouTube than on Google.

Consider that videos are more effective when it comes to teaching and learning.

People are in need to learn about solutions for their legal problems.

And they are more likely to watch a video than reading an article on your blog. In fact, according to statistics most of them only read the headlines of blog posts.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid to publish regular posts on your blog. We do quite the opposite for our clients.

We have some secret strategies that we don’t mentioned here that are very effective in increasing website traffic organically. Even without utilizing videos.

Once we implement the strategy, you’ll get the chance to see that your website traffic increases (depending on the topic) sometimes for hundreds or for thousands of keywords.

Also, don’t ignore that visitors are likely to leave your page quickly if it is not optimized, for example bad navigation, bad structure, non-responsive or no call to action etc.

You could quickly lose the trust that you’ve gained through your videos if your site looks bad.

The third part of our strategy to increase number of clients is to run highly targeted Facebook ads, where we have a unique strategy. 

Especially with Facebook retargeting ads you are able to get more clients within an incredible short time. 

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