Video marketing for personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers is the most effective way to get clients fast and content is one of the strongest ranking factors.

If your content is relevant, informative and satisfying, Google rewards your website with high ranking positions, even without or with few backlinks, provided the content turns around the right keyword.

Without informative and satisfying content, the visitors of your website will have no idea if you are the right one or not.

Keep in mind: “62% of legal searches are non-branded” (i.e., generic: “N.Y. immigration attorney,” etc.). (FindLaw U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey 2014).

This means if your website is not visible on the first page, you probably get no visitors or only a few.

A very effective content type is a separate Q & A page with answers to legal issues.

By targeting topics and keywords related with common legal issues for which people actually search, you can get lots of extra visitors.

Experts offering SEO services for attorneys are using this method which is called attraction marketing to obtain fast results for their clients.

Let’s explain what Interruption Marketing and Attraction Marketing methods are. Which one sounds as a better way to get leads and clients?

1) You are standing in front of your office and try to sell your services by stopping people on the street and trying to get them as clients? This is similar to the interruption marketing method.

2) People come directly to you and ask you “can you help me”, then you give them the answer they need? This is similar to the attraction marketing method.  

Of course the second option holds more potential trust and sales opportunity.

If they come to you, they most likely will listen to you and chances are you’ll get them as customers easily. Attract people with solutions to legal issues and show them, that you are THE EXPERT they need. 

An effective method is to present your legal successes in videos and share them through Facebook and Youtube ads to the right audience.

But when you “interrupt” them, they probably will say “No” and go away. The core of our strategy is:

1) Making research to find what’s in demand in your field.

2) Producing problem-solving, educational, written & visual content for your blog and YouTube channel. If you’ll be able to gain their trust, they most likely will contact you.



Thousands, if not tens of thousands lawyers are offering services, but get barely clicks. Many sites can not even be found with SEO tools.

Statistically, 91.5 % of total online traffic goes to the first page of Google & 30 % of all mobile searches are related to location. []

YouTube and Facebook are the places to go when it comes to get clients fast.

Youtube for example, is not only the largest, but cheapest social media as well when it comes to paid ads. Most marketers don’t realise that YouTube is the second largest search engine and a giant source of web traffic.

By producing videos and legal articles around topics & keywords that are actually searched by people, you have the opportunity to tel people that are seeking an expert, that you are the right one they are in need for. 

In this way you are able to reach potential clients very fast. It makes no sense to publish lots of content that you don’t promote. It’s a totally wrong method.



That’s right! And not only for law firm SEO or SEO in general, but for paid traffic as well. Did you know that you pay for ads on YouTube only a few cents? Sometimes 1 cent, and sometimes 8 cents at the most. And Facebook provides such an amazing opportunity to reach people that are exactly in need of that what you are doing as the expert in your field.

It’s easier to get clients if you put yourself in a position where people come to you, instead of you are searching for them.

You can do this by promoting content (blog posts or informative videos about your successes) on Google, Facebook and Youtube.

Promoting content on Google depends on proper implemented SEO for lawyers.

The result of Google Consumer Review, Nov 2013 indicates that “96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.”

More than 70% of online searches were done on Google []

Keep in mind that some topics have more search volume on Youtube than on Google. According to statistics “25% of people researching legal topics visit YouTube during the process.” (YouTube Internal Data 2012)  []

Obtaining backlinks from high authority sites and visitors from YouTube result in increasing of your web traffic.

Sharing problem-solving videos with YouTube and Facebook ads helps your business become more public. Law firm SEO without video marketing is like a bird with only one wing. has published new data from SEMrush about organic ranking signals that affect SERPs.

According to that study, direct site visits have the most effect on high rankings:

SEMrush has found that the number of direct website visits to your site will positively impact your organic SERPs position. Metrics that show higher engagement rather than what content is written on the page have a larger impact on ranking.”  []

By doing content and video marketing combined with our SEO services that are specifically designed for personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers, we put you in front of people that are in need of an expert in those fields.